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T R I N I T Y 'S  W O R L D

At the intersection of bold transgression, feminine intuition and beautiful perversion is where you will find me. My Dominance is fueled by a lust for power exchange and an obsession with the taboo and deviant. There are few things more satisfying than finding my way into a submissive’s mind or under their skin. 


I am a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix based in New York City. Blessed with a natural inclination towards Dominance, I have honed my skills through training in the BDSM arts and my experiences as a Professional Dominant since 2016. I am well versed in proper negotiation of limits and standard safety protocols. I take pride in my deep understand of both the psychological and practical elements of BDSM and constantly seek opportunities to deepen my craft.

As a multi-faceted player, a diverse palette of activities and moods excite me. There is nothing routine about my approach. Each interaction you have with me will be one of a kind and executed with confidence and mastery. I gravitate towards play that is psychological and transformative in nature. 

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