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Dominatrix Trinity Latex

I consider sessions where I assume one or more of the following roles:


My love of power exchange is deeply embedded within my personality and expression. Submissives of all kinds may apply. 



Your pain is my pleasure. I aim to push and challenge your masochistic tendencies to achieve a state of mutual euphoria through sadomasochistic pleasure. 



My sharp tongue, quick-wit and devious mind will annihilate your ego. 



Perversity is a virtue. Given our interests are mutual, I adore indulging in scenes of fetishistic exploration.

I consider scenes with players of all genders, orientations, ethniicities and abilities. I also welcome couples looking to deepen their dynamic or explore BDSM.

My sessions are unique experiences, never scripted. Find below a sampling of the some types of activities I tend to enjoy. If your interests are not listed below, feel free to respecfully inquire. 

Bondage (leather, rope, predicament, mummification, plastic


Boot and Heel Domination 

Breath Play


Chastity/Orgasm Control

Corporal Punishment/Impact Play (whips, floggers, crops, canes, paddles, spanking etc)

Discreet Public Play


Electro Play

Face Slapping


Financial Domination 

Foot Domination 

Humiliation (Verbal, Physical, Objectification, Ignore Fetish) 

Medical Play


Pet Play 

Psychological Domination 

Role Play

Scent Training 

Sensory Depravation 


Slave Training/Behavior Modification 

Tease and Denial 


Worship (foot, boot, heel, stockings, armpit, hands, latex, leather, gloves)



Dominatrix Trinity Catsuit
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